Atmospheric water patterns

Fountains are like magic to us when they break through the previously still surface of a pond, as if from nowhere. Water patterns close to the surface, five-meter-high fountains, slowly bubbling source stones – there are so many possibilities to create atmospheric water patterns in the garden. Messner® knows no limits. With specialized pumps we can shoot fountains high into the air for that real wow factor. For a great effect, you can also use colored lighting in your water feature.

To create sophisticated water patterns, the water must first be set in motion. This is achieved with our Messner® pumps.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loran Eisely


Fountains conjure a touch of luxury and elegance in cities and parks. When then can’t you have this “luxury” in your own garden? After all, to be sure, running water casts its spell over any garden owner! Where gentle lapping or dynamic bubbling, water features enhance your garden. Even will a small fountain you can create attractive accents and delight the observer.

With our fountain units, water patterns can be installed and combined with creativity and little effort. You can use the different fountain attachments to customize and modify the water feature in your garden pond – at any time and as often as you want! For a great effect, you can also use colored lighting in your water feature. Messner® units can also be integrated into existing pond systems and retrofitted.

Thus you can easily have this luxury in your secret garden and enjoy the wonderful art of water.

Waterfall trays

Using waterfall trays in your garden gives you the option to set water in motion to your precise requirements: for creative spirits and creative pond projects. The trays are universally applicable for either a stepped arrangement or a single wide waterfall, an attractive eye-catcher in any garden pond.

If required, ball valves can be used to regulate the volumes of water to the waterfall trays. The sturdy cover of the Messner waterfall trays is suitable for decorations, thus ensuring a personal note in the garden.

Perfection in flowing water.

Water features

An effective water feature can bring movement into your garden as well as astonishing your guests! And it can be so easy – there are no particular preconditions for the installation of the Messner Versailles complete kit!

The Versailles and Mini-Versailles water features maintain their charm with four automatically changing water patterns. The timings of the individual phases is infinitely variable, thus creating a unique scene Raum-Bild-Gefühl! For your favorites, automatic switching can of course also be switched off.

Works of art in water for your garden.