Animated streams

Soothing or stimulating. Harmonious lapping or a little drama. Streams lend every garden its own sense of drama. In just a few steps, it is possible to implement a stream in your garden or to transform an existing pond system into a new arrangement.

Design your own garden world. Experience the peace of the Far East with a harmonious stream, or a quick break in the mountains with a stream punctuated by cascading water on different levels.

Your water garden in motion. In your garden, everything is possible.

Life, Nature, Refreshment

Your own private water paradise in your garden.

Small streams

Even with a small stream, you can conjure up a wonderful sense of well-being in your garden, as the noise of a stream alone can have an extremely relaxing effect. Let your thoughts wander watching the soothing lapping of the water and its constant flux. Experience how inspiring water can be …

Medium streams

There is no need to proceed directly to a large waterfall; using a stream as a design element can greatly enhance your garden regardless of its size. A stream is not only an effective design option, it also supports the oxygenation of existing garden ponds, thereby substantially improving water quality. This is a real double benefit for any body of water!

Large streams

Now nature really gets wild! A well staged stream with multiple levels and integrated cascades is great fun! Flowing water gives us a feeling of vitality! To operate streams or waterfalls, you will need – in addition to sufficient area for the bodies of flowing water – a stream and waterfall pump of appropriate strength.

Just need the right pump to bring movement into your garden?

No problem, you can find out what models we recommend for use in your stream with just a glance at our table: