German quality – made in Lippe

As a company based in Germany, Meßner develops and produces pond technology with characteristic German quality.

At its headquarters in Kalletal in the Lippe district, Meßner today employs some 50 people, a large part of whom work in Production. Thus over 30 years of experience and knowledge is clearly reflected in the characteristics of Messner® products. This makes achieving maximum customer satisfaction always number one for us!

The quality and reliability of the products are ensured by continuous inspections and tests. Our established staff in Lippe (East Westphalia), who identify strongly with the company, play a significant role in strengthening our family firm and producing German brand quality – for Lippe and for Meßner. Our German production site ensures short transport routes for increased flexibility in terms of logistics, and a high social impact in terms of local jobs and the economy.

When you choose a Messner® product, you are opting for a German product with firmly established region values.