Clear ponds

Set up your own private water spa in your own garden. What makes you feel most relaxed? Feeding the fish, swimming, or just ponds in general?

Choosing the right pond technology is a first and important step for really enjoying your little bit of paradise and getting long-term enjoyment from your water garden. It should be noted that each design variant for a water garden has its own requirements …

Highest technical standards for a healthy water garden.

Life, Nature, Refreshment

Your own private water paradise in your garden.

Garden ponds and habitats

A small, round garden pond is often the first step to having your own water garden. Those who start out small will discover their passion over the course of time, and develop ever more extravagant ideas. Garden ponds are designed to closely emulate nature, with large rocks and many edge plantings. This creates a transition from a garden pond to a natural habitat in your garden. Insects and microorganisms become established around the pond and captivate the observer time and again. Cleaning work is almost entirely eliminated, as a habitat should clean itself. This is supported by moderate use of the equipment.

Your nature experience begins right on the patio.

Architectural water features in the garden

The current trend is clearly towards clean lines, formal construction methods, and puristic systems! Stylish, elegant, and modern are attributes associated with the formal design of water features. With straight lines and few attachments, but by no means bland. The modern interpretation of the traditional garden pond is getting ever more popular and exists in many different variants. Which one is for you? When it comes to architectural water features specially, the water cannot be too clear. The filter systems required for this rely on permanent circulation – so that you can look forward to beautiful, clear water again every day.

Messner® pumps – moves water …

Garden ponds stocked with fish

Bring life into your garden! Garden ponds stocked with fish are biologically active habitats for flora and fauna, which can astonish observers time and again. Pure nature at home.

It should however be noted that, in addition to rain, sun, and leaves, especially fish food and excrement also effect the biological balance of a pond. Therefore, before all else, garden ponds containing fish should be supported by a pond filter. We have the right pump!

Clear ponds: clearly you need Messner®!

Koi ponds

The collector’s item among ponds … Who can drag themselves away from this captivating sight: koi, those peaceful fish, with all their magnificent colors? In a koi pond especially, water quality plays particularly important role. The health of the koi is directly linked to the quality of the water in the pond. Koi will only grow and develop in a healthy aquatic environment. You can preserve the ideal value for your koi with the most reliable pumps. The life of your pets is directly conditional on the quality of the pump.

Messner® pumps are a symbol of reliability and efficiency – the key component in the well-being of your koi.

Swimming ponds

Many homeowners dream of having their own swimming pond. This near-natural alternative to a chemical swimming pool is becoming ever more popular. No wonder, since the swimming pond has so many associated benefits. No more outdoor pool hype, just a place to cool down in the garden, which also has a decorative function year-round.

Compared to traditional swimming pools, a swimming pond is low-maintenance and has lower ongoing costs for the owner. It can also be used throughout the year, free from chemicals, and can be produced in almost any shape you desire. This allows it to be perfectly integrated into also any garden landscape! Who wants to have to look at blue plastic walls the next time they are enjoying a swim?

Messner® pumps – TÜV-certified – for reliable use on your swimming pond!

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