The company

Pond pumps are a passion we keep in the family – Ernst-Günter Meßner, Claudia Meßner and Michael Meßner are jointly in charge of this family business with strong products all under the Messner® name.

In 1970 Ernst-Günter Meßner founded the company, which initially traded in technical products. It was soon producing pumps and fittings for special machines. This developed into its own segment. In 1976 the first products for spray fountains were produced. This was the year when the cornerstone was laid for numerous of our product lines in the area of pond technology.

Our first line of pumps produced in house was launched in 1994. At first the line only included a few different models. However, in a very short space of time this became a continuously growing, comprehensive and well-defined pump family.

Since then Messner® pumps have been developed for practically any conceivable garden pond application. Thus this family firm has succeeded in establishing a compact, complementary, and flexible range of products.

The range stretches from pumps for use on filters, streams, waterfalls, or spray fountains, through filter technology with UV-C lamps – for the demanding pond owner – up to lighting and a multitude of different water features.

Our objective is technical perfection for your garden pond.